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We’re Emily + Ofer, a duo of New Haven, Connecticut baby and maternity photographers with a love for natural light, capturing candid moments, meeting unique people, and traveling just about anywhere. One of our very favorite things is telling stories through a set of fresh and beautiful images. We would love to tell yours!

Meet Olivia | New Haven Baby Photography

We have something a little something different to share today! In the midst of all the spring and summer weddings we shoot – all the happy couples, the first dances, the best man toasts – we make sure to set aside a little bit of time for young families. It keeps things fresh! Photographing a newborn baby or an toddler’s first steps is such an honor; those moments are fleeting and we know that families will hold onto those images forever. Plus, it keeps our kid skills sharp for any necessary flower girl and ring bearer wrangling! These images, already among our favorites for the year, will introduce you to little Olivia! Isn’t she the sweetest? She just turned one and meeting her family made our week extra special. Those baby-in-the-air photos get us every time! Enjoy!


New Haven Baby Photography: Leia

While working on Michael & Lauren’s maternity photographs, I fell in love with the beautiful light that falls through the windows in their approximately 30th story apartment. It’s often something as simple as that – the paint color in the nursery, a large window that casts just the right amount of sunshine, the basket full of tiny shoes waiting by a new crib – that makes me eagerly anticipate returning to a space I’ve seen before. In the case of maternity & subsequent baby sessions, a brand new little one doesn’t hinder my eagerness, either! Often families worry that their home isn’t ideal for photography; I disagree. I’ve never yet been in a home that failed as the perfect background for a newborn session, because, guess what?  Homes are the true background to most family stories. There is always something beautiful to capture within them. With sweet baby Leia’s, there were many beautiful things. Her gorgeous fuzzy hair and a perfect pink bedroom, to name two. Most of all, though, it was how absolutely in love these two new parents are with their daughter. We love these images and hope you enjoy them, too!

New Haven Maternity Photos: Michael + Lauren

Our first professional photography session was a maternity shoot and we were pretty darn excited as we pulled up to the house, ready to embark on a new adventure. An echo of that experience, each time I get to do another set of pregnancy photos, there is a familiar thrill of anticipation. Often, I know that the family will become our friends; frequently, they have already booked a newborn shoot or a six-month shoot or a first birthday shoot or all of the above. Knowing we’ll really get to spend some time together makes the excitement greater because time to get to know personalities always results in extra-special photos.

This shoot, with the stunning Lauren and her awesome husband Michael, was precisely one of those types of sessions. In addition to their palpable excitement about the approaching arrival of their little girl, they were welcoming and friendly and interested in everything photography-related. It’s always fun to talk about shared interests! At their upcoming newborn session, I’m excited to teach Michael (who has a bag of photography gear to rival any pro) some of the tricks of baby photography so he can capture some moments himself. As you can see, their space- only a few blocks from ours- is beautiful and full of exactly the right amount of light. Perfect for a cozy at-home session. Lauren was an incredible model, even as the baby was rockin’ and rollin’ so much that I could see her belly jump as I looked through the lens. I think she wanted to come out and join the party! I’m so excited to meet her when she does. Thank you, Michael & Lauren, for welcoming me into your home. I can’t wait to see you THREE next time!

Connecticut Family Photographers: Meet Emmett!

When you take pictures of a little guy or gal, sometimes you have to squint hard to figure out just who they are. It can be difficult, but it’s an important part of being a photographer. For the images we create to show personality, it’s pretty helpful to actually know what the personality we want to show is. Emmett, on our second visit to photograph him, made it so easy to discern what he is all about. Stephanie, his mom, warned that he might not make it as easy on us as he did during his first photo-shoot, when he slept beatifically almost the entire time. True, it may be harder to wrangle a quick-crawling scooter then plop a sleeping baby on an soft bed… but it can also be more fun. Emmett, on the move and drooling like a maniac, was a champ. What a smile! He proved that he is a content & much-loved fellow with an absolutely happy personality. His three hour nap probably helped, yes, but judging by the warmth and kindness of his parents, there’s probably more to the story that good sleep. Thank you, Colin and Stephanie, for inviting us back! We can’t wait to see you again soon.

Connecticut Newborn & Baby Photographer: Alex!

This is an old set of images, dug up from the archives because I ran across them the other day and couldn’t believe they hadn’t been shared yet. Summertime is so busy for photographers that we spend much of our time creating and retouching images, which translates to less time for keeping the blog updated. It’s so fun to go back through each session during the chilly and sometimes gloomy winter months to remind myself of all the fun that is approaching as the weather warms. We’re looking forward to seeing this sweet family again soon!

During this session, big brother Gabriel was the epitome of a two year old: full of energy and excitement and ready to play. Little Alexander was happy to sit back, relax and peer around. We were grateful to be there, capturing moments in this family’s life as it unfolded. It’s something that we have to teach our clients sometimes- to let the day happen and be patient and not be worried that a camera is around- because it can be frustrating to feel like your child is not ‘cooperating’ with photographs. A background working with kids was, without question, my biggest asset as we started our company! On this day, though, we didn’t need to give any direction to new mama Sara. She intuitively knew to step back and let her little guys be themselves, trusting us to catch the right light and the right moments. I think you’ll see that the session was a success!

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